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Trek 11

July 18th. 3.30 a.m. How to put 29kg in the bag ? This weight is due in part to the fact that I'm carrying all things for one month. I thought that Greenland is so rainy as Norway, so I enjoy a large tent (3.3 kg), 4,5 kg of electronics (2 cameras, batteries, MD recorder for birds...), and... I bought my food (10 days autonomy) in Kangerlussuaq supermarket. Actually, this supermarket is not ideal to find food suited for long hikes.
4.40. I'm leaving Kangerlussuaq camping for the 12 km of road up to the crossroad port / Kelly ville, and the 4 km which lead to the track.  This road is not interesting, excepted that the only arctic fox I saw during my trip was on this road.
During the daytime, hitch-hiking may be an interesting solution. Elsewhere, "transfers" between airport and the port may be booked to Air Greenland at the airport, and if you sleep to the Old Camp (2 km West of the airport), people from the hotel may carry you.
9.40. I'm at the beginning of the track.

P1 P2
P1 : The road Kangerlussuaq - Port P2 : No comments...

After 1/2h of walk on the track, clothes and casseroles have been abandoned here by irresponsible hikers. After the first lake (where one can take water), the three next lakes are brackish (Hundeso, Brayaso and Limnaeso lakes).
10.50. I reach the first (private) hut, near Hundeso. I begin to be tired, probably because of the lack of training, but the permanent fight of flies and mosquitoes is harassing. One walk between these three lakes  up to Limnaeso and to the next (sweet water).
However, if really in need, the water of the three "salted lakes" can be drunken; salt concentration is low.
Between the two latter lakes, I cross two Americans and ask them whether the canoes are on the "right" side of the lake. They did not meet anybody else, so, I can be optimistic.

Trek 12

P3 P4
P3 : Tout début du sentier et premier lac P4 : Le même lac et... les premières ordures

Trek 13

We leave then the sweet water lake for a 125 m rise in willows, but the track is well done. I meet a first male rock ptarmigan. Two lakes farther, a German overtakes me but stops one lake later for sleeping.
16.30 I arrive to the point where the canoes were expected. No canoe. I build the tent between bogs. Clouds are arriving,... together with a wind of doubts. I am tired, I think that I will give up.
But... I have 10 days of food. I can take some time to take a decision. Wait and see.

I cook 250g pasta, and eat canned sausages (227g). Though I know that it is full of chemical preservatives, I carefully drink the water of the sausages... Delicious.
Two French arrive and build their tent. Another couple of hikers cross the place without stopping. I will meet them 3 days later.
19.30. I fall asleep without clear projects for the next day.

Camp 1

P5 Camp, first night




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